OWF Board of Directors

“The values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are.”

-Malcolm Gladwell


The initial Open Water Foundation Board of Directors was formed from the OWF Innosphere SAGE advisory team and has helped advise OWF through its start-up phase.  The current Board of Directors includes several original members and members representing perspectives on water, education, and technology.

2016 Board of Directors

Todd Doherty Linked in logo, Board President

Curran Trick Linked in logo, Board Vice President

Tom Cech Linked in logo

Beorn Courtney Linked in logo

Bradley Udall Linked in logo

Open Water Foundation Advisers

The following people have provided advice to OWF and continue to be called upon when needed. We appreciate their service to the organization.

Peter Mayer (OWF Board Member 2015)Linked in logo

Bill Miller (OWF Board Member 2015)

Patrick Murphy (OWF Board Member 2013-2015)Linked in logo

John Rankin (OWF Board Member 2013-2015)Linked in logo

Larry Salmen (OWF Board Member 2013-2015)Linked in logo

Applying for the Board of Directors

New Board Members are recruited each year to fill open positions. If you are interested in serving on the OWF Board of Directors, please see the following information and contact Louann DeCoursey or Steve Malers.

OWF Board of Directors Position Description

OWF Board of Directors Application Instructions

OWF Board of Directors Application

OWF Board of Directors Member Agreement