The Issue

Water — we are all affected by what happens to the water around us. We drink it, play in it, and make beer from it. We use water all the time both directly and indirectly. We bathe, drink, and cook with water, as well as use water to process wood to make paper or to produce steel for automobiles. The bulk of our world’s water use is for agriculture, industry, and electricity.

abstract water worldBecause of the importance of water in Colorado and throughout the Western United States and concerns about how decisions about water are made, the Open Water Foundation (OWF) was formed. OWF’s mission is simply to provide an open source software platform to help organizations make better decisions about water. Increasing demand for water due to rising population is resulting in negative impacts on the environment, agriculture, industry, and municipal supplies. Although the State of Colorado has invested millions of dollars over 20 years to develop software to evaluate water supply issues, these software tools are currently not being sustained at previous levels due to lack of funding and resources, even though the tools are increasingly being utilized in various sectors. OWF provides the way to cross barriers and create tools to cross the various sectors.