Software Tools

Open data.  Open software.  Open decisions.


Service areas for irrigation companies and municipal water providers

OWF software users are typically organizations that need to understand complex water resources systems and make recommendations and/or decisions.  They include staff at government agencies, consultants working for government, local and regional water providers, organizations and individuals interested in environmental issues, university researchers and educators, and others.  In addition to developing software tools, OWF provides consulting services to help organizations integrate and apply software tools integrated with their business processes.

OWF’s business model is built on developing open source software tools for water resources, and helping our customers use those tools to make better decisions about water resources.  We recognize that water is a public resource, that decisions about water are governed by local concerns and stakeholders, and that local water systems are part of a larger natural and human-influenced system.  We believe that there should not be winners and losers in obtaining and using publicly-available data, that transparency is important to good policy and decisions, and that open data and software technologies can help address complex, wicked water problems.