Open Source Software

“With the proliferation of issues and the scarcity of resources to address them all, leaders inside and outside the government are turning to the principles of participation, collaboration, transparency, and efficiency to address the challenges facing our country and the world.”

– Tim O’Reilly


The Open Water Foundation business model focuses on developing, maintaining, enhancing, and supporting open source software for water resources. The resources on this page help explain this approach and provide recommendations of open source software that we find useful.

Producing Open Source Software

Recommended Open Source Software

We find the following free and open source software to be helpful.

  • GIMP – software for creating screen captures and editing images
  • Notepad++ – an editor for text files [Windows]
  • 7zip – a compression tool for creating zip and other files [Windows]
  • KDiff3 – software for comparing and merging two or three text input files or directories
  • Cygwin – a collection of tools that provide Linux capabilities on Windows
  • SQuirreL – a graphical program to view database structures and execute database statements