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“It is wretched business to be digging a well as thirst is mastering you.”


“We cannot solve the problems we have created with the same thinking we used in creating them.”

-Albert Einstein

Surface Water Supply Index used as drought indicator created by TSTool software

Surface Water Supply Index used as drought indicator created by TSTool software


Service areas for irrigation companies and municipal water providers

OWF software users are typically organizations that need to understand complex water resources systems and make recommendations and/or decisions. Users include staff at government agencies, consultants working for government, local and regional water providers, organizations and individuals interested in environmental issues, university researchers and educators, and others. In addition to developing software tools, OWF provides consulting services to help organizations apply software tools integrated with their business processes.

OWF software users are trying to answer questions about water supply and quality for the environment, cities, agriculture, and industry. How much? How often? What are trends? If the system is changed, what are the impacts? How will I be impacted by drought and climate change? The questions are endless. To answer these questions, the OWF works to provide a platform of open source software tools that can be used to evaluate large systems for organizations that have broader interests, and small systems for organizations that have focused interests. Because understanding water systems is complex and data-intensive, a range of software tools is needed, including data processing and visualization tools to full simulation models. Different tools are appropriate for different users and their questions. OWF also implements data management solutions and integrates software systems into an organization’s business processes. Our goal is to increase access to information, improve transparency, and help organizations make better decisions about water, which ultimately provides multiple benefits.

OWF Software Tools

The following software tools are developed, maintained, and enhanced by OWF.

Third-Party Software Tools

The OWF also collaborates with other organizations to enhance and integrate their software tools, data formats, web services, etc. Contact OWF if you would like to collaborate or would like OWF to enhance a tool to support integration with a third-party tool.

See also the Software Resources page for OWF recommendations on open source software tools.