Colorado’s Decision Support Systems

“Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.”

-The Wiki Way: Quick Collaboration on the Web, Bo Leuf, Ward Cunningham

From the Office of the Colorado State Engineer

From the Office of the Colorado State Engineer

Is there anything more complicated than trying to understand, analyze, and model Colorado’s water systems, which involve the complexity of water laws, hydrologic and geographic variability, surface and groundwater, water transfers, operations, and many other factors?

The State of Colorado has developed CDSS over more than twenty years to help understand and make planning decisions about Colorado’s complex water resources, in particular by providing databases, software tools, and baseline data sets.  OWF staff helped develop CDSS software and recognizes that we can extend and enhance CDSS and other software tools to provide a platform of tools for water resources.  OWF continues to enhance the CDSS tools, provide training and support, and integrate CDSS software with other systems.

CDSS software and resources are available on the State of Colorado’s CDSS website.  OWF also provides access to recent versions of CDSS tools and additional documentation and examples to facilitate development, training, and implementation.

  • Colorado’s Decision Support Systems (CDSS)
    • StateCU consumptive use model
    • StateMod water allocation model
    • MODFLOW groundwater models
  • OWF CDSS website for recent version of CDSS software, which include:
    • CWRAT – Colorado Water Rights Administration Tool
    • StateView – interactive viewer for State of Colorado’s HydroBase database
    • StateDMI – a tool for automating creation of StateCU and StateMod input files
    • StateMod Graphical User Interface (StateMod GUI)
    • TSTool – a tool for viewing and processing time series, tables, and spatial data