“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”

– Henry Ford

TSTool helps people understand water resources problems and solutions and scale processing to improve efficiencies.  The TSTool software provides features to access time series, tables, and spatial data in databases, files, and from internet web services.  TSTool provides a command language to automate data processing, which results in documented and repeatable processes.  The combination of data browsing/viewing and automation allows users to greatly increase efficiency while ensuring transparency in their work.  If you are competent with Excel, then you can be competent with TSTool, and OWF is enhancing TSTool to integrate with Excel and geographical information systems.

Several examples of TSTool products are shown below, created by TSTool using its workflow command language, with input data from internet web services. Image file creation can be automated to streamline creation of data products. Interactive graphs allow zooming into specific time periods. Data flags and annotations can be displayed to explain data.


Colorado-PoudreRiver-SNOTEL-DeadmanHill SNOTEL graph, indicating snowpack for water supply
Surface Water Supply Index used as drought indicator created by TSTool software Surface Water Supply Index, an indicator of drought
Colorado-PoudreRiver-CurrentFlow Streamflow graph showing floods of September, 2013.
Utah-LakePowell-History Graphs of Lake Powell historical conditions