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Open data. Open software. Open decisions…with positive social impact.

“Never innovate to compete, innovate to change the rules of the game.”

– David O. Adeife

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OWF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit social enterprise.  Our work is funded in several ways and depends on customer needs and available funding vehicles:

  • Project funding (including targeted grants) – we will utilize project-based funding for specific outcomes, for example, to develop or enhance water resources software to study a specific issue or perform a task.
  • Unrestricted grants – we utilize unrestricted funding to offset general costs and perform necessary work that does not fall into a specific project, for example investing in OWF initiatives for public benefit.
  • Donations – we accept donations to augment the above funding sources.  Perhaps you are interested in advancing transparency and education related to water issues but do not know how to apply your funds.  Contact our CEO for funding questions.
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Working together. Achieving more!  The Open Water Foundation understands the value of water, the need to make good decisions related to water, and the challenges of understanding complex data and systems.  We also understand that water interfaces with and impacts every organization and is a shared resource.  Whether you are an organization interested in healthy rivers, agricultural vitality, municipal water supply certainty, or water for industry, efficient use of water for multiple purposes results in social and economic value.  We provide value by developing and maintaining open software solutions that help organizations collaborate, understand and make decisions about water systems, and generate social impact.  Contact OWF staff to discuss how we might collaborate.

Hire OWF to Solve Your Problems

The Open Water Foundation is working to address complex water resource problems by developing and supporting open source software tools, and helping organizations implement solutions for data management, analysis, and visualization.   We recognize that technologies alone cannot solve complex water problems and consequently OWF works closely with our customers and collaborates with subject matter experts to ensure that technology solutions are effective.  Examples of ways that OWF can address water resources problems include:

  • Implementing automated analysis and visualization tools for large data sets to support decision-making
  • Helping organizations implement good policy and planning based on transparency and effective use of data and technologies
  • Building reusable software tools so that costs can be shared, and maintaining and enhancing these tools to leverage investments and innovation
  • Integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources in order to reflect interactions and trade-offs that occur in complex systems
  • Implementing open data, tools, and processes to capture the knowledge of an organization’s staff

OWF invests our resources to understand the context of water resources problems, including history, law, organizations, technologies, and people.  We strive to provide efficient and effective technology solutions that are resilient within the constraints of problems…software tools that are flexible, usable, and maintainable.  We seek to provide information and educational benefits that increase the understanding of problems and opportunities for solutions.  In all cases, our goal is to share the results of initiatives and projects so that tools and information can be leveraged multiple times to the benefit of stakeholders and the public.  The following resources illustrate specific ways that OWF can help solve complex water problems:

Contact OWF staff to inquire about hiring OWF or teaming on projects.