Investing in OWF

By investing and collaborating with the Open Water Foundation (OWF), you understand that water is essential to the economy, natural environment, and quality of life in the West, and demand is placing an increasing strain on this limited resource. By adopting a social impact paradigm, OWF strives to provide our investors/funders with a consistent framework for making better informed decisions about funding environmental and more specifically, water issues.The OWF understands the vaue of water, and, is committed to providing strong Social Return on Investment for our funders at any level.  We understand that social investors are interested in the change that their investments create and by understanding the social return on investment we can  help you manage this change.  OWF is working to show how your investment will provide social value as well as social impact, by mapping the map the full range of impacts a potential investement will create across wider social, environmental and economic outcomes, by recognizing both the positive and negative impacts.  OWF will value these impacts in order to help you make a comprehensive and informed assessment about the social value of investing in OWF.  The concept of social return helps our investors to understand that any grant or loan can be thought of as an investment, rather than as a subsidy. The focus shifts to the creation of value and away from the risk mentality and opportunity cost of using money here rather than there.  We look forward to working with you to provide a strong impact with your investment.