OWF Projects

OWF projects typically involve one or more activities related to software:  development, implementation, integration, maintenance, support.  OWF also provides services to help organizations perform larger projects where our role focuses on data management, business process definition and integration, and system integration.  In all cases, our goal is to provide open software solutions that help customers provide a positive impact through data information and transparency and better water decisions.  The following projects illustrate success stories.

Colorado’s Decision Support Systems (CDSS):

CDSS is an important software platform developed for the State of Colorado with applicability beyond Colorado.  OWF enhances, maintains, and supports CDSS software, and works with others to apply CDSS to water resources problems.  See the CDSS website.

Data Access, Process Automation, and Visualization:

OWF helps organizations become more efficient by providing data automation and workflow solutions for water resources data.

River Systems Studies:

River system studies utilize OWF software tools and expertise to evaluate and understand connected systems.

Water Administration:

OWF helps organizations streamline water administration tasks by enhancing data management, improving process workflow, and more efficiently utilizing data for decisions.

Water Supply:

OWF provides analysis tools and integration support to evaluate complex water supply problems involving municipal, agricultural, recreational, environmental, and industrial uses.