OWF Capabilities

“Innovation—the heart of the knowledge economy—is fundamentally social.”

-Malcolm Gladwell

The Open Water Foundation works collaboratively to address wickedly complex water problems.  Our approach is to focus on integrated technology solutions, multi-faceted teams, and encourage deep thinking and problem solving.  Services that we provide are described below and are applied to further our mission, initiatives, and on specific projects.

Water Resources Software Development

OWF software developers have led development of important water resources software tools including Colorado’s Decision Support Systems (CDSS) and OWF continues to enhance and support these tools. OWF also is developing new tools for the water resources community and we will increase our efforts as funding is acquired. OWF provides a range of software development services, in particular for open source tools developed by collaborative teams.

Business Process Analysis and Automation

Many technology projects fail or have limited success not because of technology issues but because of organizational and process issues. Many organizations are also struggling with workforce retirements and the need to capture organizational memory. OWF has extensive experience working with organizations to articulate desired outcomes, understand and enhance processes, identify barriers, and implement technology solutions that integrate with business processes.

Nonprofit Organizational Capacity Building

OWF CEO Louann DeCoursey has a wide range of experience with building organizational capacity in nonprofits. OWF operates in an entrepreneurial environment and can help organizations be strategic through collaboration, innovation, and scaling. OWF can work with nonprofits to recognize their primary revenue drivers, establish strategic plans, and provide both the breadth and depth of skills to create a robust nonprofit.

Scrum Agile Methodology Implementation

OWF founder Steve Malers is a certified ScrumMaster.  All OWF staff utilize the agile Scrum methodology to guide projects and internal operations.  OWF can help your organization implement Scrum and agile development practices.

Web Development

OWF implements and develops reusable software components for web applications, in particular visualization of integrated spatial and time series data.  OWF provides services to develop integrated web applications to visualize complex water resources data.  We strive to implement straightforward designs and technologies that integrate with customers’ systems and can be maintained.

Database Design and Development

OWF has experience designing and implementing complex databases, for example to store real-time and historical data for large river systems.  Increasingly, OWF is focusing on provide simple, flexible, designs and using open source database technologies.  Our extensive experience with water resources data and databases allow us to recommend database designs appropriate for various needs.

Software/System Support

Many organizations need help maintaining and enhancing existing software.  OWF is interested in helping those organizations maintain working software tools, and can assist in implementing revision control, automated testing, etc.  OWF is also able to evaluate whether tools developed for one purpose can be enhanced or integrated with other tools in order to increase options for maintenance.

System Design and Integration

OWF can help design and integrate complex systems.  In particular we are interested in collaborating on open platforms that can support the work of an organization and scale to other organizations.  OWF encourages the use of open data formats, web services, and transparent systems.

Data Analysis and Visualization

OWF has extensive experience developing and implementing software tools for data analysis and visualization, in particular related to water resources data.  We are focusing OWF resources to develop open source visualization tools that ensure access to data and improve transparency for complex issues.  OWF provides services to develop and implement analysis and visualization software.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

OWF provides GIS capabilities using Esri and open source GIS technologies.  Our intent is to use these tools to provide integrated desktop and web solutions for our customers.  OWF develops GIS automation and visualization tools for use in water resources.