Working with OWF

poudreOpen data. Open software. Open Decisions…with positive social impact.

                   “A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure.”                                       

                                                                     –Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes





The Open Water Foundation understands the value of water, the need to make good decisions related to water, and the challenges of understanding complex data and systems.  We also understand that water interfaces with and impacts every organization and is a shared resource.  Whether you are an organization interested in healthy rivers, agricultural vitality, municipal water supply certainty, or water for industry, efficient use of water for multiple purposes results in social and economic value.  We provide value by providing open software solutions that help organizations collaborate, understand and make decisions about water systems, and generate social impact.

The OWF business model is about collaboration and openness.  As a nonprofit, we answer to our mission, our goal of helping our customers provide services and make a positive impact, and producing quality open source software that is collectively shared and enhanced.  We feel that wicked water problems require that we  work together to develop sustainable solutions.

Our work is funded in several ways and depends on customer needs and available funding vehicles:

  • Project funding (including targeted grants) – we will utilize project-based funding for specific outcomes, for example, to develop or enhance water resources software to study a specific issue or perform a task.
  • Unrestricted grants – we utilize unrestricted funding to offset general operational costs and perform necessary work that does not fall into a specific project, for example software maintenance and exploring options to collaborate.
  • Donations – we accept donations to augment the above funding sources.  Perhaps you are interested in advancing transparency and education related to water issues but do not know how to apply your funds.

Funding provided to OWF is leveraged multiple times.  Software tools are used repeatedly so any investment pays back multiple times.  Because water is a shared resource, any improvements in efficiency and multiple use provide benefits in multiple ways.  With open source software, your investment will be pooled with that of many other organizations, to the benefit of all.

The work we do is complex and integrates with complex systems and issues.  Consequently, we are interested in partnering with organizations and customers to create effective teams.
Let us help amplify your efforts.